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Server rental

By using the server rental service of Servergarden you are provided with special, performance-optimized devices while your company is relieved from making costly initial investments, since the device with the desired configuration is available in a monthly fee plan. Furthermore, thanks to our inventory on stock, the configuration of your device can be flexibly modified at any time, and the monthly fee of the service covers the instant replacement of the failed components.
Last, but not least, the professional hardware park can be accompanied with professional operation service, which provides extremely high security and quality environment for your services.


System administration

The operation of the servers and the applications running thereon includes the installation, configuration, updating of the operating systems (Linux, Windows) and the firewalls, as well as the continuous monitoring, supervision and protection against attacks.

  • Debian/Ubuntu Linux, MS Windows Server installation
  • Configuration of servers, installation of updates
  • Configuring and maintenance Firewall
  • Installation and configuration of firewalls
  • System administration activities
  • Advanced server monitoring


Virtual server (VPS)

The Servergarden VPS (Virtual Private Server) service, you can book your exact needs sufficient capacity for the high-performance physical server resources.
If you are applying for, the services do not need a dedicated server, VPS solution we provide you with the most cost-effective solution.


Web hosting

The Servergarden service account can be stored safely in a high-capacity data center storage resources can be exploited. Our service is especially ideal solution for those who work in high volume and / or critical data stock regularly. Taking into account the operational stability of redundant server rooms, use of the service is guaranteed in case of data loss can be minimized, so the business continuity incidents.


Popular services

Supermicro MicroBlade E3
(rental + hosting) V5

  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1240v5 (4/8 Core, 3.5GHz)
  • 1 Gbit/sec internet access
  • 16 GB DDR4-2133MHz ECC (max. 64GB)
  • Hot swap HDD/SSD (max. 2 disk)
  • Hot backup server (30GB)
  • Redundant power supply
  • Free IPMI IP console
  • Optional hardware RAID
22 900 Ft + Tax / Monthly

Supermicro NVME Twin blade SCALABLE rental + hosting

  • 2x Intel® Xeon® Silver Scalable 4110 8/16 Core, 2.1GHz)
  • 1 Gbit/sec internet access
  • 32 GB DDR4-2666MHz RegECC (max. 1024GB)
  • Hot swap HDD/SSD/NVME (max. 14 disk)
  • Hardware RAID (LSI 3108 + 2GB Cache)
  • Hot backup server (30GB)
  • Redundant power supply
  • Free IPMI IP console
54 900 Ft + Tax / Monthly

Linux SSD VPS Business

  • 3x Intel® Xeon® E5-2630v3 (2.4GHz) vcore
  • 4 GB DDR4-2133MHz RegECC RAM
  • 80 GB SSD disk space
  • 100 Mbps internet access
  • 1 db IPv4 IP address
  • Optional Preinstalled Linux OS
  • 3 TB traffic bandwidth/month
  • SSD
6 990 Ft + Tax / Month

Web Hosting 1G

  • free .hu, .eu, .com, .net domain registration
  • CPanel administration panel
  • 1GB disk space
  • 5 FTP accounts
  • 20 E-mail address
  • 1 MySql database
  • 5 subdomin
  • POP, IMAP or Webmail access
  • Daily backup
7 900 Ft + Tax / Year