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Domain Transfer - .hu -Tulajdonos váltással

  • .hu
  • .lakas.hu

Starting at

1 496 Ft+Tax

Supported TLDs:

  • .hu
  • .lakas.hu
1 Year/s 1 496 Ft + Tax 1 496 Ft + Tax

Domain Transfer Process

Before the commencement of the transfer process please read our Domain Registration Rules carefully, which can be found at the
following address: Rules

1. Filling the Domain Name Application form and the Domain Name Waiver form.

You can download the application form in connection with the administration of the ordered domain name after signing in to the client area of the website of Servergarden.

With the filling and signing of these forms you entrust Servergarden Kft., as an official domain name registrar to carry out the transfer of the domain name.

(The Domain Name Waiver form is required only in case the proprietor of the domain name is also changed.)

2. Attachment of the documents required for the transfer of the domain name.

In the case of companies:

  • order of the court of registration – copy,
  • signature specimen – copy.

In the case of private individuals:

  • declaration of the authenticity of personal data.

In the case of private entrepreneurs:

  • private entrepreneur ID card – copy.
  • certification issued by the municipality – copy.

In the case of foundations, associations, schools and municipalities:

  • certification of the tax number (the application form submitted to the National Tax and Customs Administration is also acceptable),
  • deed of foundation or court decree on the registration – copy,
  • signature specimen (the one used by the bank is also suitable).

3. The aforementioned Domain Transfer form and Domain Waiver form and the documents can be submitted to our company as follows:

  • uploading to the specified categories in the Domain Setup interface in the Servergarden client area.